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Fierce.. and Other Important Words on Friendship


We're excited that you have decided to register for the online course "Fierce...and Other Important Words on Friendship" taught by Suzanne Baker, our founder with other team members Carolyn Hendrickson, Ann Rowland, and Cathy Grennan.   

Before you can register, you must Become a Member of our site, choose your userid and password, and you must be logged in when you register and access video course materials. 

We believe that every person who wants to benefit from our online courses should be able to do so, regardless of their financial situation; so, we offer this course at three price points -- full course fee, partial scholarship, and full scholarship.  

Here is how it works:  If you are able to pay the full course fee, we ask that you please do.  This helps support our ability to make these courses available and also helps us with our mission to help others step into the life they were created to live.  To that end, we give $10 of each full course fee to support one of our Healing Projects.  These projects help women coming out of abusive and destructive situations to rebuild their lives.  The projects include The White Rainbow Project, serving India's widows who are stripped of their dignity when their husbands die ( and Selah Freedom House, a recovery and restoration program for women who are rescued out of human trafficking or the sex trade (

If you are not able to pay the full course fee, please graciously accept a Partial or Full scholarship.  We had to ask for $1 on the Full Scholarship to get our website to work, but if you don't even have a $1 (believe me, I've been there too), just send us an e-mail and we'll give you access for free.  Also, if you have an aversion to paying for something online, please send us an e-mail and we will let you know the process for paying by check.  Please be aware that we do not have a large staff, so this payment method may involve a significant delay.  Please note that no amount of the full, partial or $1 fee is tax deductible.         

For Group Leaders and Groups - If you are watching the video together as a group, we request that each member of your group register and pay one of the three course fees.  Individual registration allows each participant to access the course videos online in the event that a group meeting is missed or if members wish to review a topic.  In addition, it helps us to know who we are serving and helps fund our ability to offer online courses.  Thanks so much!

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